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Branch If Random Number LE Keyword

<BranchIfRandomNumberLE N1,N2>
<birnLE N

Call If Random Number LE Keyword

<CallIfRandomNumberLE N1,N2>
<cirnLE N

    Generates a pseudo random number between 0 and 999 (inclusive) and tests this against N1, if it is less than or equal to N1 a branch to item N2 is performed (see <Branch>). The pseudo random number sequence is the same as is used for scrambling and so is affected by the scramble I parameter if used, otherwise the sequence is initialized by the current time.

NOTE: This keyword is superfluous with the addition of the
BranchIf keyword, <BranchIf N2, random(1000) .le. N1>. Whereas <BranchIf> evaluates it's expression before the display, RT and conditional increment and decrements have been executed this keyword's test is performed at the end of the item after everything else has been evaluated.

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