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CallStack Keyword

<CallStack N>

    Parameter to set the size of and create a call stack for nested <Call> keywords.  By default there is no call stack as allowing nested calls opens up a right proper ugly can of worms when trying to debug a wayward item file with calls in it.  But if you really want nested calls this parameter allows them, N being how many calls deep you want your call stack to be.  And it's probably a good idea to keep N as small as possible.

    Note that item file structures like the following will not work, you cannot have more than one branch in an item (unless of course you're using <MultiWayBranch> but that's another story) and a <return> is effectively a branch:

+100 * "target" <call -10> <return>;

    Instead use two items and use the skip display correct response indicator to make DMDX advance past the return item instantly:

+100 * "target" <call -10>;
~999 <return>;

    The Dynamic Item Content section on Repeated Items contains and example of this keyword's use.:

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