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Default Font Keyword

<DefaultFont text [option]>
text [option]>


    Switch and parameter to override the default font derived from the first font specification found in the RTF item file. text must be the exact face name of a font used in the RTF file, spaces and all.  If the exact face name can't be found a list of the ones currently in use in the item file will be emitted.  As of version of DMDX the fbonly option will only change the font used for feedback and leave the text of the item file alone.

    The default font is used for feedback unless custom feedback has been used with a different font from whatever the default font in the item file is.  The feedback font is also use for test mode displays and zillion typed responses.

    Determining exactly what font is the default font in an RTF file is a little tricky, if you're using Word the default font is always Times New Roman (even if you don't use it) so using <df> will change all the Times New Roman characters in your item file whereas if you're using Wordpad the default font is likely to be the first font that occurs in the item file.

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