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Extended Parameters Keyword


    Parameter line can extend beyond physical end of line. The keyword <ep> must occur in first line of item file. Extended parameters must end with the <EndOfParameters> keyword.

    For example:
<ep> <azk> f25 <id "keyboard"> <mr +g> <mnr +f> <mpr +h>
<!safemode 1> <vm 640,480,480,16,0> <id mouse> <mr +button 1> </ep>
0 <ln -2> "This is the Feature Test Item file for:",
DMDX, Dmastr for ÿ98",
<ln 2> "9/2/98 j.c.f.";

    The following is only true for versions of DMDX earlier than 2.4.01:

    Care must be taken when using an extended parameter line in conjunction with scrambling. As the scramble routines have not been changed (essentially) since Ken originally got them working in DM they don't know about extended parameter lines and will gaily scramble your extended parameters along with the first item, oops. So a $ must then be the first character of the extended parameters (the second line of the item file) and another $ must follow the <EndOfParameters> keyword.

    For example:
<ep> s8 <azk> f25 <id "keyboard"> <mr +g> <mnr +f> <mpr +h>
$ <!safemode 1> <vm 640,480,480,16,0> <id mouse> <mr +button 1> </ep> $

    As of 2.4.01 extended parameters will never be moved by scramble, nor will older item files that have $ symbols anywhere in the parameter line throw errors.

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