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Frame Duration Keyword

<FrameDuration N>
<fd N>

    F parameter and % switch alternative.

    Used as a parameter this keyword sets the default frame duration (in ticks, one tick being one retrace interval, typically 1/60th of a second or 16.666 milliseconds), when used in a frame this keyword sets the duration of that frame (or more correctly, the time that the next frame is scheduled which means that if there are no more frames in the item it's duration doesn't mean anything as there's nothing more left for DMDX to do once that frame is displayed so DMDX will move onto what comes next).  If you need to specify this in milliseconds please use the <MSFrameDuration> keyword.

    NOTE: This parameter (or <DefaultFrameDuration>) must be specified otherwise the default frame duration will be zero leading to some distinctly weird behavior (these days there's actually warning if the default frame duration isn't specified)..

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