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Method Of Input Keyword

<MethodOfInput N>
<moi N>
<mip N>


Method Of Input command

<MethodOfInput multisignal>
<moi multisignal>
<mip multisignal>

    K parameter and switch alternative. N is still interpreted as an octal number. This sets the whole of the MIP word, there are additional keywords that only set or reset single bits of this word (that are overridden by the use of this keyword). The method of input in DMDX is now restricted to the PIO12 inputs, see Input.  The method of input multisignal command changes the input mappings of DMDX where in classic operation while you could have multiple buttons mapped to one signal the converse was not the case and only the signal with the highest precedence would register (precedence is request over negative response over positive response).  With the restructuring of the way input signals are processed in version of DMDX and the new multisignal command (actually introduced in version DMDX will now check multiple signals per button press allowing those people that appear to have a real predilection for using the space bar for both the request and the positive response to have their way without excessive mapping and un-mapping of responses between instructions and RT gathering items. 

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