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Minimum Sleep Keyword


    MDSP bit 2000000 modifier, the bit that makes DMDX sleep for the smallest possible times. Reset if N = 0, otherwise set. All MDSP modifiers are both parameters and switches. If N is missing the bit is set and the mode is active.

    At various places DMDX will usually sleep for a number of milliseconds so that any pending operating system activity can be performed then at a known safe time and not interfere with a display sequence. Or at least that's the theory, whether it works or not is difficult to determine. In any case the amount of time spent sleeping is 10 milliseconds at the juncture between two items and 1/7th of the retrace interval whenever there is nothing that needs to be moved into display memory. Setting this MDSP bit changes those Sleep(n) calls to Sleep(0) which signals to the OS that the current task is yielding only if something else is immediately pending, otherwise it would like control back immediately.

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