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Naming Task Negation Keyword

<NamingTaskNegation [N]>
<ntn [N]>

    MDSP bit 2000 modifier, the bit that allows the experimenter to decide if a subjects naming response was correct or not. Reset if N = 0, otherwise set. All MDSP modifiers are both parameters and switches. If N is missing the bit is set and the mode is active.

    Naming task negation is currently implemented with messages on the Feedback line using the traditional plus and minus keys on the system keyboard (not the DirectInput keyboard device, the keys are not mapable), or the Y and N keys. If you are using a
remote network Monitor then the naming task negation will be done on that machine, likewise for a Multimon system the system monitor will be used. If you are using a single monitor system and do not like the prompt on the subjects display use <NoNTNPrompt>.

    Naming task negation while possible to use with
<ZillionTypedResponses> wasn't particularly easy because the textual representation of the zillion responses gathered wasn't part of the naming task negation prompt.  As of DMDX it has become so.  Note that in order for naming task negation to be usable with <ztr> you have to map all the keys that might be typed as positive responses because the naming task negation code ignores responses that are too long and if there are no keys mapped as positive responses all responses will be too long:

<ep> <vm 1024,768,16,60> <t 30000> f25
<id "keyboard"> <zil> <ztr> <ntn> <cr>
<mpr +a> <mpr +b> <mpr +c> <mpr +d> <mpr +e> <mpr +f> <mpr +g>
<mpr +h> <mpr +i> <mpr +j> <mpr +k> <mpr +l> <mpr +m> <mpr +n>
<mpr +o> <mpr +p> <mpr +q> <mpr +r> <mpr +s> <mpr +t> <mpr +u>
<mpr +v> <mpr +w> <mpr +x> <mpr +y> <mpr +z>

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