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Over Size Keyword

<OverSize N,N,N,N>
<os N,N,N,N>

    Switch and parameter for catching stray pixels left on the screen. Parameters are the extra percentage of the screen that DMDX assumes has been drawn into to the left, top, right and bottom. Win32 appears to be incapable of determining exactly where any given font can put pixels, it can give DMDX a good idea but not an exact one. So DMDX must apply fudge factors when drawing frames on the screen and prior to the implementation of this keyword those factors were hard coded and had the values 0,0,5,5 which handled most trailing bits of fonts and bold underlining but didn't handle right to left Arabic fonts very well, nor in fact did it even handle a Times New Roman N all the time. So the new default values are 2,0,5,5 and should you have an unusual right to left font you can customize the values even further with say 5,0,2,5.

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