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Set Button Rect Keyword

<SetButtonRect text,N1,N2,N3,N4>
<sbr text,N1,N2,N3,N4>

    Keyword to update the RECT structure of a button previously defined with <2Did>text is the arbitrary name for a region on the screen that will generate a response of that name, N1 is the left most coordinate of the region,  N2 the top most, N3 is one more than the right most and N4 one more than the bottom (ie, a standard windows RECT structure).  N1,N2,N3,N4 can be normalized real values as per the graphics keywords.  Prior to version of DMDX the button name had to have + or - in front of the name despite the fact that the button name in <2Did> did not have + or - in front of the name, this is now rectified.  This keyword allows one to have 2Did buttons that are moved on the screen without having to have scads of different button definitions and mapping them in and out which in the case of arbitrarily located buttons (as in our Corsi Block Tapping example) is flat out impossible without gross compromises in experiment design.

    NOTE: I recommend the use of the <2Did checkoverlapping> option when setting buttons up for use with <sbr> as there was an issue with the Corsi Block Tapping task not seeing one or two blocks every now and then that was actually caused by one of the blocks being defined twice.  While you might not make such a mistake better safe than sorry beating your head against the wall looking for gremlins like I just did for the last few hours...

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