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Time Critical Frame Keyword


    Switch and parameter to enable time critical frames. As soon as one of these is encountered no display errors will be written to the output data file unless they occurred in a frame that has a time critical frame switch or keyword in it. If used in the parameter line it simply sets the mode and if no other time critical markers were used no display errors would ever be output. Because DMDX only flags errors as a frame is to be displayed on the screen in the case where the duration of a frame is paramount the time critical frame markers will need to be placed in the frame after the frame that has critical duration, as it is when the following frame is displayed late that the previous critical frame's duration will be longer than specified. In the case of a visual probe presented with an acoustic stimulus the visual probe frame should be marked as time critical as it is the onset of the visual frame that is relevant -- should it's duration also be of concern two frames will have to marked as time critical, both the visual probe and whatever frame erases it. It makes little sense to mark a sound frame as time critical as there is no display frame generated, DMDX marks the next visual display frame instead. Same thing for frames with a zero tick frame duration like the first frame in a comma separated pair for instance, DMDX marks the next visually displayed frame with a non-zero duration.

    NOTE:- This is
NOT going to reduce the number of display errors that occur, simply reduce the track record of them.

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