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Append Counter Keyword

<AppendCounter designator>
<apc designator>

counter designators:

    When this keyword is included in a frame the value of counter .name. or counter N (see <SetCounter>) will be appended to the current frame's display.  This keyword superseded by the <sprintf> keyword.  Only one of <sprintf> or <AppendCounter> is allowed in a frame.

    If you wish to change the formatting of the counter make sure the RTF formatting does not end with the quotes, for example to have a completely green display the following would be required:
/ "counter 1: " <apc c1> /
    Should you desire to have characters displayed after the counter's value <ProgressiveX> could be used but this is really <sprintf>'s domain. While needing you to estimate centering manually it simplifies the <SkipDisplay> error rate display example considerably:

f60 <clfb>
0 "ErrorRate Feedback Example" <bu 1000>;
<set c1 = errorrate> <px 0.4> "Error Rate " <apc c1> , "%" / <return>;

+1000 * "target";
+1000 * "target";
<call -111>;

    The same example using <sprintf> that is nicely centered with no effort becomes:

f60 <clfb>
0 "ErrorRate Feedback Example" <bu 1000>;
111 <set c1 = errorrate> "Error Rate %d%%" <sprintf c1> / <return>;

+1000 * "target";
+1000 * "target";
~2000 <call -111>;

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