DMDX Help.

Progressive X Keyword

<ProgressiveX N[,N] options>
<px N[,N] options>
<p N[,N] options>


    P switch alternative. When using the DMDX form (a keyword delimited by <> as opposed to the original DMTG single character P switch form) N can either be an integer or a real number. If N is an integer it is a pixel value, if N is real it should satisfy 0.0 < N < 1.0 as it is multiplied by the width of the screen.  See <ContinueProgressiveX> for usage examples.

    This keyword is used for word by word sentence reading tasks (originally using the deprecated Response Contingency mode, nowadays with <ContinueProgressiveX>),  where each word of the sentence is displayed individually and
<ProgressiveX> making each frame advance across the screen. The first N indicates the starting position and only the first frame in an item needs the <px> keyword. Normally each progressive frame is displayed where the last frame ended, the second optional N can override this position and space things evenly across the screen.  If the right2left option added in version of DMDX is used or the <inst right2left> option is in use globally words advance from right to left and the initial N should be on the right.

    The use of the MDSP controlled
Response Contingency has been deprecated and with the addition of the <ContinueProgressiveX> keyword sentence reading tasks can now be done across multiple items.

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