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Response Contingent Keyword

<ResponseContingent [N]>
<rc [N]>

    MDSP bit 20 modifier, the bit that controls Response Contingency. Reset if N = 0, otherwise set. All MDSP modifiers are both parameters and switches. If N is missing the bit is set and the mode is active.

    Response Contingency is an ancient kludge to facilitate word by word sentence reading tasks and it's use to do anything other that is
strongly advised against. The vast majority of inexplicably behaving item files are where people have latched upon RC as the solution to all their problems -- it isn't, it's a kludge and should be avoided where possible. Instead most, if not all tasks handled by RC can be broken up into many small items.

    With the addition of the
<ContinueProgressiveX> keyword <ResponseContingent> is completely deprecated, it's use is never necessary and strongly advised against.

    Use of this mode is not recommended to simply clear the screen when a subject responds and feedback is disabled -- instead the feedback messages should be set to blanks with the
<ClearFeedback> switch.

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