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Clear Feedback Keyword


    Parameter and switch to set <cfb ""> <nfbt> <wfb ""> <tlfb ""> effectively clearing the display after a subject responds instead of trying to use Response Contingency to do it.

<clfb> sets all the feedback messages to blank spaces and displays them allowing a response contingent display so that the screen is cleared when the subject responds. I got tired of everyone wanting to turn response contingency on just to do this and having all of the concomitant problems that a response contingent item file has. Setting <nfb> doesn't display any feedback at all, the display is not erased by the subject's response.

    There's no automatic way to restore feedback once <clfb> has been used, instead you can reinstate the messages piecemeal and that might be a bit of a pain if you want to do it a lot so I'd be using a macro and because you're going to want to have brackets in that macro you'd have to use the classic form of a macro definition.  At the start of your item file you'd want to include this text:

m.noclfb.+<cfb "Correct"> <wfb "... Wrong ...">  <tlfb "No response"> <nfbt 0>+

Then in your item file after a <clfb> section you can put ~.noclfb. and you should have feedback just like it usually is.

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