DMDX Help.

No Feedback Keyword

<NoFeedback [N]>
<nfb [N]>

    MDSP bit 1 modifier, the bit that suppresses all feedback display. Reset if N = 0, otherwise set. All MDSP modifiers are both parameters and switches. If N is missing the bit is set and the mode is active.

    A side effect of feedback is that it clears the display when the subject responds, something that people would try and use Response Contingency for, however, RC is designed for word by word sentence related tasks. If the NoFeedback mode is required but the screen is to be cleared after the subject responds set the feedback messages to blanks instead using the
<ClearFeedback> switch.

    To stop Naming Task Negation prompts from being displayed on the subjects display use

    If you wish to have the display remain unchanged between items but would still like feedback, you can now use the
<FBOnlyClearBehind> keyword.

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