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BMP Multipliers Keyword

<BMPMultipliers F[,F] [option]>
<bm F[,F] [option]>

    Bitmap Multipliers, both switch and parameter. Multiplies sizes of bitmaps (both .BMPs and Digital Video files) in both dimensions by the first number unless the second is present in which case the first is the X scale and the second the Y scale.  option can be used to override the default stretch blt mode (see <DefaultBMPMultipliers>). Similar to the <WritingColor> switch, when used as a parameter it sets the default for all frames unless the frame contains the switch of the same name that overrides the default for just that frame.

    A special case is where the multiplier is the value 1, here the bitmap will be stretched to the full size of the screen (although this might be busted, better to use <bmp 0,0,1,1> for full screen bitmaps).

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