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Writing Color Keyword

<WritingColor N1[,N2,N3]>
<w N1[,N2,N3]>
<wc N1[,N2,N3]>

    W parameter and switch alternative to set the writing color, default is 0 (black). N1 is a kilo color spec when only one number is present otherwise all three numbers must be present and they are an RGB triplet where each gun has legal values from 0 through 255 (ie N1 is the red gun value, N2 is green and N3 is blue). Turns on <RtfColorOverride>, has little if any effect unless <RtfColorOverride> is on. When used as a parameter it sets the default writing color for all frames, when used in a frame it sets the writing color for just that frame.

    DMDX by default uses the color scheme present in the RTF item file, part of the WYSIWYG thing. In order to specify text color in the same way that previous versions of Dmastr did DMDX must be told to stop doing this with the
<RtfColorOverride> MDSP bit.

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