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Kilo Color Specification

    Color specifications in DMDX are RGB triplets, these are always used regardless of whether the display is 256 colors or 2^24 colors. An RGB triplet specifies relative gun intensities and under win32 each gun's intensity ranges from 0 (off) to 255 (completely on). These triplets are not necessarily specified to DMDX as actual triplets (as in three separate numbers separated by commas) but as three values (0..255) in the same number, the units being the blue component, the thousands the green and the millions the red.

    For example the RGB triplet 111, 22, 3 (Red 111, Green 22 and Blue 3) is:
red gun 111000000 +
green gun 000022000 +
blue gun 000000003 =
kilo color spec 111022003

    These days kilo color specs are deprecated and anywhere they were usable in the past you can now just specify an RGB triplet for instance <wc 111, 22, 3>

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