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Default Writing Color Keyword

<DefaultWritingColor N1[,N2,N3] [option]>
<dwc N1[,N2,N3] [option]>

    Parameter and switch to change the default writing color. N1 is a kilo color spec when only one number is present otherwise all three numbers must be present and they are an RGB triplet where each gun has legal values from 0 through 255 (ie N1 is the red gun value, N2 is green and N3 is blue). As a parameter it does the same thing as the <WritingColor> parameter, as a switch it changes the default color of text (usually black) starting with the next frame unless the STAT option has been specified (as of version where it will take effect in the frame with <dwc> in it.  If STAT is used in the parameter line with this keyword all subsequent uses of it will be assumed to be STAT. Turns on <RtfColorOverride>, has little if any effect unless <RtfColorOverride> is on.

    Common usage of <dwc> is to set both the default writing color and the default background color in the parameters with something like <dwc 0,255,128> <dbc 64,128,255>.

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