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RTF Color Override Keyword

<RTFColorOverride [N]>
<rco [N]>

    MDSP bit 20000 modifier, the bit that allows <WritingColor> to have some effect. Reset if N = 0, otherwise set. All MDSP modifiers are both parameters and switches. If N is missing the bit is set and the mode is active.

    Setting this MDSP bit stops the display engine from using the color of the RTF text and instead uses the <WritingColor> instead.

    Note that while one might expect that one could turn the RTF color override off at the end of an item and back on again in the next to allow the color of the feedback to have an effect the RTF color override isn't a frame by frame thing as DMDX parses the whole item before rendering all the frames so the RTF color override will be set or not for the whole item.

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