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DVOX Beep Spec Keyword

<DVOXBeepSpec [N]>

    The frame's definition and contents exactly parallel a Sound Frame's, any keyword  appropriate there is appropriate here. The difference is that the <DVOXBeepSpec> has no other effect other than to setup DMDX's ability to play the specified wave file (usually a simple beep and called a beep from now on) on receipt of a correct response (in this case usually generated by the Digital VOX), as far as DMDX's presentation is concerned the frame does not exist.

    Once a frame with this keyword has been encountered DMDX will play the beep every time a correct response is received to facilitate in naming task negation tasks using the Digital Vox Input device where lip smack and so on can falsely trigger a response. See the
Audio Input section for details on the Digital VOX.

    Normally with the Digital VOX checking for samples every 100ms the beep will be delayed up to 100ms from the time the sample was recorded that was above the threshold, changing the Digital VOX's period will change this latency, the
Audio Input section has details.

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