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Sound Keyword

<Sound [N]>
<sf [N]>
<wav [N]>

    Switch that specifies the frame is a .WAV file. N is the pan value, 0 = left channel (default), 1 = right, 2 = both channels. Terse abbreviation is sound frame. Unless the frame has a specific frame duration set with <FrameDuration> or the comma separator the frame's duration will be the duration of the wave file (if and when playing between cursors is implemented it will be the duration of the samples between the cursors) unless overridden with <SetVisualProbe>. See Sound for more details.

    NOTE: If very precise synchronization of wave files between channels is required then the use of stereo wave files is recommended using
<wav 2>.

    The pan value can also be the raw DirectSound value, see

    If the playback needs to be abortable <AbortItemKeyName> can be used, if the playback needs to be contingent upon a subject's response (or some other condition I can't currently imagine) <AbortItemExpression> can be used (see jobstatus example).

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