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Set Visual Probe Keyword

<SetVisualProbe text [N]>
text [N]>

    Set the visual probe position of a sound frame (not streaming audio) to the cue with the name text. See Sound for discussion. If not specified the visual probe is assumed to be the end of the wave file. The name "start" is a special cursor name, it is the start of the file, a cue with the name "start" need not exist. For completeness "end" is also usable in a similar fashion.  The optional parameter (as of version is an offset (can be negative) in milliseconds from a given cue (so cues per se don't need to be used any more, times can be used with <svp start 555> say for 555 ms into the file.  Offsets occurring beyond the start and end of the audio file will fail so <svp start -555> will not work but if the wave file is longer than 555ms then <svp end -555> will.  

    The following will play the wave file with the display on the screen and start the clock 500 ms after the wave file commences:

+1 "display" / <wav 2> "wavefile" <svp start 500> / !*;


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