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Font Multipliers Keyword

<FontMultipliers F[,F]>
<fm F[,F]>

    Font Multipliers, both switch and parameter. Multiplies sizes of fonts (RTF pitch specification) in both dimensions by the first number unless the second is present in which case the first is the X scale and the second the Y scale (prior to version 0.20 this used to be reversed).  Support for stretched fonts using independent multipliers appears to be variable across OSes so YMMV.

    NOTE: A typical font will look very odd with the values 1.0,1.0 as each letter would be as wide as it was tall.

    Similar to the <WritingColor> switch, when used as a parameter it sets the default for all frames unless the frame contains the switch of the same name that overrides the default for just that frame.

    See <DefaultFontSize> for details.

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