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Multiple Responses Overview.

    There are a number of ways you can collect multiple responses instead of the default binary response scheme DMDX uses.  You can use multiple items if you're looking for an exact number of responses and use the <ContinueClockOn> keyword instead of * or <ClockOn> to make sure you don't loose responses made between items.  <ContinueClockOn>'s real strength is to update the display as a response is needed to be gathered but it doesn't have to be used with a changing display.

    If you have an indeterminate number of responses to be gathered in a known time interval then you'll want to use the <ZillionResponses> parameter. 

    If you want to gather one response of many for a rating task then the <ZillionOneResponse> modifier of <zil> is what you'll want -- although you can do the same sort of thing with a <MultiwayBranching> and binding multiple keys as valid responses with a normal <azk> file. 

    If you need to gather an indeterminate number of responses then the <ZillionTypedResponses> parameter modifier is probably the best route and to nominate a key to terminate responses. While <ztr> is designed for typed responses terminated with an enter key there's no reason it has to be used that way (and for typed responses these days <prose> is a superior solution that even handles right to left fonts).

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