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Zillion Responses Keyword

<ZillionResponses [N]>
<Zillion [N]>
<zr [N]>
<zil [N]>

    Z parameter alternative. N overrides the default maximum of 100 responses, usually 50 presses and 50 releases.

    The zillion input mode changes the output file format from .AZK files to .ZIL files (format is detailed here) and stores all key press data (unless limited by the use of the
<ValidZillionKey> keyword) for the duration of the subject timeout (unless some other mode listed below like <ZillionOneResponse> cancels this behavior). The Zillion input mode searches through the zillion responses made at the end of an item and looks for the last valid response using the regular mappings, <MapNegativeResponse> and <MapPositiveResponse>, if a response is not found in these mappings then the "No Response" feedback (<TooLongFeedback> keyword) will be issued even though the subject patently responded, so the <NoFeedback> is a good thing to use with zillion responses (<nfb> will be set automatically if no other MSDP bits are set and <zil> is used).

    There are several modifications to the zillion response mode that you might wish to check out:

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