Pictures of the R-65 Recumbent.

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      These are shots from the 2005 El tour de Tucson, the third time I've ridden El Tour (pictures of 2003 El Tour de Tucson are here).     Barring PBAA adjustments I have first place recumbent (also got first place recumbent in 2004) and just managed a gold finish for the first time with 5:59.27, a whole 32 seconds in hand before it became a silver finish.  First shot is the platinum riders going off, second is the tail end of the gold section and I'm there in the white on the left.

      Next shot is early on during the Santa Cruz river crossing.  Yes, we do have bridges over our rivers here in Tucson but the organizers of El Tour think walking across them makes El Tour special so it's sacrifice your cleats and toe covers time.

      This is Rattlesnake pass about 18 miles from the end and even stuffing as much Endurolytes in as I felt comfortable with (you can overdo it) I was still cramping about as hard as you can in those photos and not be falling off the bike (it's actually a fairly steep little hill, the piece de resistance for more than a few riders).  Guess next year we take more Endurolytes.

      And here's the finish, the photo taken immediately after I've relaxed having just spent the last 20 miles racing to get in under six hours.  Never wanted to get off the bike so bad.

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