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Map Request Keyword

<MapRequest text>

    Parameter and switch to map the button name text to a request input (can be undone with <UnMapButton>).   The button name must begin with either a + or a - (to indicate the press or release of that button) and must be the name of a button on an already installed input device, in other words if used as a parameter this must occur after the <InputDevice> parameter[s].   See Input. Test Mode 10 or the  TimeDX input test can be used to determine button names.  If a button of that name is not found an error will be generated.   Multiple buttons can be mapped to the same input, however one button cannot be mapped to multiple inputs unless <mip multisignal> has been issued.   When used as a switch inside an item all mappings occur when the item is parsed before the display commences.  Names with special characters in them must be quoted and the Unicode option turned on.

   Button names can also be of the form #nnn if the device name has been prepended with a # when it was specified to <id>.

   Also see "Changing Keyboard mappings" in the International Issues page.

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