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XY Justification Keyword

<XYJustification N>
<XYJustification option>

    Keyword and parameter to determine the justification used with the <x> and <y> keywords. The default value of zero for N makes X and Y determine the coordinates of the left and top elements of the displayed image. N = 1 makes X and Y specify the center of the displayed image, 2 makes X and Y determine the bottom right coordinates and as of version of DMDX a value of 3 determines the bottom left coordinates (useful for the <Instruction> keyword), similarly a value of 4 indicates the right top which is handy for right to left fonts with <inst>.  As of version of DMDX a text option can be used instead of the classic numeric values (see below):

<XYJustification> is evaluated as the item is parsed before the display is generated so multiple uses within an item are meaningless unless <XYJustification FRAMEBYFRAME> has been issued, if not only the last used value will have any effect.

    LEFTTOP is equivalent to N being 0.
    CENTER  is equivalent to N being  1.
    RIGHTBOTTOM is equivalent to N being 2.
    LEFTBOTTOM is equivalent to N being 3.
    RIGHTTOP  is equivalent to N being 4.
    FRAMEBYFRAME is a switch to set the mdspJUSTIFYBYFRAME bit of the method of display that turns on the above mentioned mode where each frame can have it's own <XYJustification> keyword, handy for things like <inst esc> frames.

    Currently there's an ambiguity in the code that draws frames that looks like a real nightmare to resolve.  It's result is such that the specification of just one axis' position (ie, just using <x> or <y>) will not work with <XYJustification>, both axes must be specified.  Hence the use of <XY> to position frames when using <XYJustification> is highly recommended.

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