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Method Of Display Keyword

<MethodOfDisplay N>
<mdsp N>
<mod N>

    M parameter and & switch alternative. N is still interpreted as an octal number. This sets the whole of the MDSP word, there are additional keywords that only set or reset single bits of this word (that are overridden by the use of this keyword).  If anyone really needs it here are the current bit masks and the features they control however you should really use the individual keywords in the links:

mdspNO_FDBK			01				no feedback option 
mdspCFDBK 			02				correct feedback only 
mdspWFDBK 			04				wrong feedback only 
mdspCONT 			010				continuous run 
mdspRCBIT 			020				response-contingent display 
mdspACBIT 			040				acoustic tape-controlled option 
mdspREQSCHED 			0100				frames scheduled from time of request 
mdspNO_FDBKTIME			0200				correct feedback not to have time 
mdspTWOPULSES			0400				double tape pulse required if tape controlled 
mdspNO_TIMER			01000				disable timed responses (no time limit) 
mdspNAMNEG			02000				naming task negation 
mdspZENTER			04000				zillion responses terminated by enter key 
mdspZONERESPONSE 		010000				zillion single response gathering 
mdspRTFCOLOROVERRIDE    	020000				pay no attention to the color of RTF text
mdspNONTNPROMPT			0100000				no naming task negation prompt
mdspFBONLYCLEARBEHIND		0200000				leave rest of screen untouched with feedback
mdspRECORDCLOCKONTIME		0400000				record clockon time across items in .AZK
mdspBRANCHDIAGS			01000000			output branch diagnostics
mdspMINSLEEP			02000000			minimum sleeping in item_read() and movingimages()
mdspZONELINE			04000000			zillion output one line per item
mdspBB2MR			010000000			backwards branches to most recent
mdspSUPPRESSCAPTURE		020000000			suppress audio capture
mdspABORTDQPURGE		040000000			<aikn> and <aie> purge the display queue
mdspJUSTIFYBYFRAME		0100000000  			xy justification frame by frame instead of by item

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