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Feedback Keywords

<AcousticallySignalExperimenter [N]>Acoustically Signal Experimenter
<ase [N]>Acoustically Signal Experimenter
<ClearFeedback>Clear display after Response
<clfb>Clear display after Response
<cfbo [N]>Correct Feedback Only
<CorrectFeedbackOnly [N]>Correct Feedback Only
<cfb text>Correct Feedback Specification
<CorrectFeedback text>Correct Feedback Specification
<nfb [N]>Disable Feedback display
<NoFeedback [N]>Disable Feedback display
<FeedbackPrecision N> Feedback RT Precision
<fbp N> Feedback RT Precision
<wfb text>Incorrect Feedback Specification
<WrongFeedback text>Incorrect Feedback Specification
<nfbt [N]>No Feedback Time in Correct Feedback
<NoFeedbackTime [N]>No Feedback Time in Correct Feedback
<fbocb [N]> Persistent displays across Items
<FBOnlyClearBehind [N]> Persistent displays across Items
<fbd N>Set Feedback Duration
<FeedbackDuration N>Set Feedback Duration
<fbl N>Set the Feedback Location
<FeedbackLine N>Set the Feedback Location
<fb C text>Superseeded Feedback modification
<Feedback C text>Superseeded Feedback modification
<tlfb text>Too Long Feedback Specification
<TooLongFeedback text>Too Long Feedback Specification
<VisuallySignalExperimenter [N]>Visually Signal Experimenter
<vse [N]>Visually Signal Experimenter
<wfbo [N]>Wrong Feedback Only
<WrongFeedbackOnly [N]>Wrong Feedback Only

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