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Set Start Cue Keyword

<SetStartCue text>

    Set the position within a wave file (not streaming audio) that a wave form is to begin playing at as the cue with the name text.  From the auditory section of the feature test demo:

Along with using a cue to set the visual probe one can also use cues to play segments of a given wave file so along with the cue used in the previous item we've also added a bunch more of them coincident with the individual words in that wave file allowing us to use the set start cue keyword <ssc> and the set end cue keyword <sec> to play the same waveform with the word order reversed.

Typically the first sample played in a waveform is the literal first in the file, if a start cue is specified then it's the sample coincident with that cue, similarly for the end so our first auditory frame starts playing the word domain and ends when the wave file ends and the last auditory frame starts at the start of the file playing the word you and ends when the word may commences, the others start at the relevant start cue and end with the end cue:

1 "before" /
<wav 2> "youexit" <ssc domain> /
<wav 2> "youexit" <ssc the> <sec domain> /
<wav 2> "youexit" <ssc exit> <sec the> /
<wav 2> "youexit" <ssc now> <sec exit> /
<wav 2> "youexit" <ssc may> <sec now> /
<wav 2> "youexit" <sec may> /
"after"/ <ln 2> !"Continue" ;

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