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    TimeDX is designed to allow you to test all components of DMDX before using it in order to make sure that the whole lot works individually and in combination if you don't want to use DMDX in it's Auto mode.   This is doubly true for the various video modes that DMDX could use, their refresh interval must be examined (unless DMDX's Auto mode is used) and optionally tuned by you in order that the retrace can be correctly anticipated -- for each different video mode used.

    When using DMDX or TimeDX it is best to kill off all other tasks not essential to the running of the machine, they are only going to steal CPU cycles from the tasks that matter.   One thing I've seen a couple of times with Vista is that the first time you run a test that uses a new video mode the results are just all over the place, run that test again and they're fine.  Suspect what's happening is similar to what started happening back with XP where the first time a new video mode is used DirectX is busily writing new registry keys but where XP was fairly quick doing this Vista is not.

    The steps in using TimeDX are as follows:

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