DMDX Help.

Original DM/DMTG switches

! (at start of item)Remark
!No Erase
%Set Frame Duration
&1000No Time Limit
&100 Request Scheduled displays
&10Continuous Running
&1Disable Feedback display
&2000Naming Task Negation
&200No Feedback Time in Correct Feedback
&20Response Contingency
&2Correct Feedback Only
&400Double Tape Pulse control
&40Acoustic Control
&4Wrong Feedback Only
&Change the whole Method Of Display
*Turn RT Clock On
?1Unconditional Branch
?2Branch If Correct
?3Branch If Wrong
?4Branch If No Response
@Set Text display row
^No Response indicator
|No Erase
+Correct Response indicator
=Any Response indicator
A parameterAzkii format output data file
A switchAnimate frames
BTrigger Windows exclamation sound
C parameterSet Clock Units
CContinue without Request
-Incorrect Response indicator
DDelay from request to next item's display
EErase stray pixels
F parameterDefault Frame Duration
FCCorrect Feedback Specification
FSuperseeded Feedback modification
FTToo Long Feedback Specification
FWIncorrect Feedback Specification
G parameterScramble Grouping factor
G Display a bitmap
I parameterScramble seed
K10Enable Tape Pulse Input
K1Enable Request Input
K20Enable Voice Key Input
K2Enable Negative Response Input
K4Enable Positive Response Input
KEnable PIO12 inputs en mass
LLast Frame Indicator
M parameterChange the whole Method Of Display
MMacro definition
N parameterSpecify Number Of responses
OOutput to PIO12 port
PProgressive X coordinate
RSet RT Correction
S parameterScramble block size
TSubject response Timeout
WSet Text Writing Color
XDisplay X coordinate
YDisplay Y coordinate
Z parameterZillion format output data file

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